Church Street School

Church Street Christian School

Telephone: 609.465.1466

We are a Christian school with a passion to train our students to be members of a compassionate community of

self-sufficient, independent, joyful learners. Our goal is to minister to the needs of the children and to teach them the true love of God in an ethical, practical, and caring way. Our purpose is to provide a place where parents can leave their children and know that they will be protected, nurtured, and educated using sound early childhood and elementary school principles. Though we are a Christian school, we accept all children regardless of religion, race, or ethnic origin.

All of the staff are qualified to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of their students in special, prepared environments and Christian classrooms. Our teaching staff works closely and diligently with parents to serve their children’s special developmental needs as they arise. Teachers interact with parents providing frequent insights into their children’s daily classroom and school-wide experiences.

Our teachers sit on a Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) working with parents to plan events and parent education seminars. This provides a community of assistance and support for participating families. The PTC also works each year to raise funds necessary to meet the school’s budgetary and educational needs.

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